Instructional Materials

& Training Sessions

Every member of management and ambassador teams, receives both written and verbal instructions. These documents contain all of the information they need to effectively complete their assignments; including but not limited to activity briefing, FAQs, event location & directions, feedback sheets, etc – so everyone knows what is required of them every step of the way.


Our Campaign Team Leader is the bridge between our office and the ambassador staff. He/She will be in contact with both sides almost continually throughout the execution of the project.


Once a Brand Ambassador accepts an assignment, they are first sent an information package in print or electronic form. This document also identifies the Campaign Team Leader and secondary office contact person should they have any questions. The day before commencement, our team leader calls the brand ambassadors and confirms again their preparedness.


Once on location the team leader checks in with the office to give a progress report, then again at the end of their shift to give additional feedback.