Do You Have What It Takes?

We are always on the lookout for reliable, hard-working, enthusiastic Brand Ambassadors who can work with us to effective execute our projects.

If you’re eager to build up your marketing CV and earn some good money in process, in trade for your time and energy, we want you in our database.


Are you an experienced Brand Ambassador? Fill out the registration form.  Please forward your Resume and a photo to us, so we can add you to our database.

We can never have too many Brand Ambassadors in our go-to database. We need a wide cross-section of different types of people to work with. If you’ve got no experience, but you you’ve got raw talent and what it takes then register with us and become a part of the team.


Warning!!!!– if you have a habit of sleeping through the sound of your alarm, or turning up late, or not enthusiastic about work, or if you have a very poor work ethic and fulfilling your commitments if no bother to you.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL US!!! Ever. We really value our clients and our brand, as such we take great pride in what we do.